Safety items to keep in your car – winter edition

Courtesy of SafeCo Insurance You keep your home stocked with emergency supplies. (Right?) What about your car? During winter, extreme weather and road conditions can lead to all kinds of trouble when you’re commuting or traveling – crashes, being stranded, getting lost or stuck. And cold temperatures make those situations more dangerous than usual. So

Worrisome winter roof danger: ice dams

Courtesy of SafeCo Insurance You may be feeling cozy and warm in your home as the snow serenely falls outside. But, up on your roof, a dangerous situation could be forming – one that can compromise your roof and lead to water damage inside your home. It’s all the result of an ice dam. If

Why you need umbrella insurance

Courtesy of SafeCo Insurance Life is unpredictable. Of course, you already know this. But have you considered all the risks you currently face? Distracted drivers. People using social media to expose others’ dirty laundry. Teen drivers, carpools, pets, parties, and even your occasional housekeeper are all examples of everyday risks. Our society is also more