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Industry standards are changing.  Why is that you ask…  

Well, imagine if everything in you apartment was destroyed by fire.  You will have to replace all your furniture, clothing, electronics, kitchen gadgets, pops, pans and utensils, pictures…..You get the idea.  The average person in a one bedroom apartment owns between $18,000 – $20,000 of belongings.  Imagine if you are renting a 3 bedroom or even a house with all your children’s belongings too.  That is why the industry has increased the standard recommended personal property coverage to start at $25,000.

Now imagine that same fire in your residence also damages or destroys other units in your building from water, fire and/or smoke,  Think of how quickly the amount of dollars you will be responsible for.  Again in the case of an apartment, your belongings were damaged or destroyed, but so were your neighbors personal belongings.  Now add to that, the damage caused to the building itself.  Again, that is why the industry has increased the recommended liability coverage from the old $100,000 to the new $300,000.

Don’t be caught in an unfortunate and terrible accident just to find out you don’t have enough insurance.